What Spins Your Props?

by | Nov 4, 2019

I heard the term ‘spinning your props’ from an ex-military colleague. What it means is an understanding of what moves and inspires you; that is the motivation to get you out of bed. These core influences define us as a person and in my experience, our audiences want to know something of that about us. But we are often reluctant to open up a little about ourselves. Perhaps this is because it seems unprofessional? Perhaps we think it might display weakness? I think, conversely, that showing something about us and our principles of why we do what we do, actually interests our audiences, empowers us and indeed creates an essential emotional connection for future positive relationships.

It is about being that authentic person with a real back story and not a faceless corporate employee. So, in business and personal life open up a bit – it will make a positive difference to engaging your audience.

What inspires me? Well, as a trustee for a small Kenyan charity, which in a small way helps poor and destitute young people with educational opportunities, it is seeing their enthusiasm for learning and strength to smile in adversity. This truly sets one’s own life in context.