How can communication planning benefit my organisation?
With the right planning strategist there is that ‘aha’ moment – an understanding of a consistent way ahead with a clarity of purpose. That is what good strategic communications can offer. It will help you plan your resources effectively and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.
How will I know the effect of planning and delivering communications?
TandemComms will include evaluation of your communications efforts and will help you understand the effect.
Why should I use TandemComms?
Martin Evans has over 34 years of experience, not only of communications and PR but also the broader aspect of strategic and operational leadership, which gives him a unique insight into an organisation’s requirements. He has a proven track record of delivery. He also has a widespread and inclusive network to help support in whatever area.
How much do you charge?

Contact me to discuss.

How far would you travel?
Travel is not an issue in UK or abroad, as long as I can cover my expenses.
How do you ensure that my current communications and engagement team do not feel undermined?
Let me say from the outset that I am not a revolutionary. My natural way of doing things is to understand sensitivities of teams or individuals and engage/involve them. This is where I think leadership comes to the fore; that is being able to change and guide but bring people with you.
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