Why TandemComms?

We might be small but we are mighty.  Martin as the lead, has seen it and done it across the public and business sector.  He won’t be phased by anything. We have vast experience to draw upon elsewhere and a proven track record of making a positive difference to business and organisations.  And most importantly we are authentic and we like think, we are fun as well

How is what you do related to business?

Everything we offer has a business, organisation and individual focus.  Our many clients tells us what a positive difference we have made to them.  We have individuals who have attended our courses and said that they have grown in confidence and have gone on to represent themselves and their organisations in an impactful and powerful way in multi-forums.  We have developed and supported campaigns such as covid vax and staff wellbeing that have received national and regional acclaim.

How much do you charge?

Our charges vary and we do consider options and discounts to our daily rates. Just ask!

How far would you travel?

We work UK wide….it’s not a problem for us to come to you, wherever you are…even if it’s the Isles of Scilly.

How do you work?

We work to 3 core values – honesty, respect and knowledge.  If we can’t deliver within your parameters we will have an honest discussion.  We respect people and act as we would expect our family to be treated. We have much to give but equally are also keen to learn from others.  In all that we do it is a collaborative approach.

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