Why should I use TandemComms?

Well, we are experienced, innovative, engaging, successful and fair but most of all authentic. If we don’t think something is right we will tell you but either way we are confident we can help and guide you. Don’t take our word for it, ask to see examples of our work

Isn’t storytelling just a bit of fun?

Well yes, it should be fun but it is also about engaging with your audience and research shows us that audiences remember far more if you have a compelling story to tell. Our skill is helping you craft the story and message and help you deliver on comms products and platforms related to the unique story

How much do you charge?

Charges vary for differing types of work and for how long you engage TandemComms and the different types of work. So the next option is to contact us to talk about your needs – this doesn’t mean a commitment to contract but more an exploratory chat, to see if we are right for each other and what exactly you need.

Don’t hold back get in touch

How far would you travel?

We work with a mix of business and public sector client predominantly across the UK but nothing stops us from travelling further afield if the opportunity presents itself

How do you work?

Our core values are partnership, loyalty, respect, knowledge and experience. That is, we think we have a lot to give but also are keen to learn from others and in all that we do, it is a collaborative approach

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