Tackling Challenges Together

by | Nov 5, 2021

I’ve had a tough few weeks to be honest, with bereavement in the family, supporting my kids (including daughter’s wedding planning), a week of this damn super cold and running my business.

But this is not a sob story – it’s made me reflect mostly on one key thing – working together, using your support network, is a strength in business or personal life.

To my mind, what a supportive business and friendship group network does, is allow opportunities to:

🔹 Share knowledge and experience
🔹 Develop additional skills
🔹 Have someone to rant to

I absolutely think that it helps reduce stress and anxiety – you are not an island.

This is a gratuitous pic of me canoeing on a challenging piece of water over the weekend. Well challenging for me but the point of it is, I could not have done this river run safely, without support – from the one taking the pic. And the link all came about by networking through my local Canoe Club.

So thanks to those who have supported me and continue to do so and I hope I am helping support you.

Now, where’s my paddle?

Hands together to illustrate Tackling challanges together