Media Training for Sales – What’s that about?

by | Dec 17, 2019

I was recently asked to adapt my media training course, to deliver 2 development workshops for a sales team.  On the face of it, why deliver this type of training for a team unlikely to appear in front of main-stream media. Well, I believe that the skills practised and developed in media training sessions, are very transferable to many areas of business.  Attendee feedback confirmed this:

‘One of the best and most useful courses I’ve ever been on’ 

‘ More of the same please’


Trainer style very engaging’  

‘I will now use many of the techniques’ 


Why does media training help in many areas of business?

 First off, let me say I have 3 governing principles in running my sessions:

  • constructively supportive (recognising it’s out of the comfort zone for many)
  • challenging (it is not easy to face a camera and conduct an interview but a baby steps approach, combined with constructive support, builds your confidence and ability)
  • humour (it’s always fun to get the most out of the session – humour works)

Recorded Interview – The client was certainly very interested in the recording element of media interviews.  A camera introduces nerves and an element of pressure – similar to real butterfly inducing scenarios. Using video for feedback, is really enlightening, not so much for seeing individual foibles but actually for highlighting strengths; that often surprises many and further increases individual confidence.

Storytelling – Media, sales or marketing should have the same aim, to tell a simple and effective story, that captures the emotion of the issue.  My workshop has simple exercises to hone the essence of a story, to get to the nub and link it to respective targeted audiences.

Simple Messages – Simple messages are essential; not to complicate but to ensure that you have 3 simple nuggets of gold, which are easily understandable and linked to your story.

Handling Difficult Questions -In any media interview, difficult meeting or sales pitch, there will often be difficult questions from your interviewer/audience.  My workshop teaches simple techniques to answer the question (not to do a politician response!), bridge it (and there are various ways we explore on how to do this), then communicate one of your nuggets of gold.

There you have it.  If you are Board Members, managers, junior leaders, supervisors, in sales, marketing or corporate communication – Tandem Comms media training workshop:

  • Works
  • Is effective
  • Is inspiring
  • Teaches new transferable and relevant skills and techniques
  • Makes a positive difference to you and your team performance
  • Is fun

For more information just give me a buzz 07376364747 or email