Just Answer the Damn Question

by | Apr 13, 2022

I shouldn’t listen to Radio 4  – interviews with key spokespersons sometimes drive me nuts and raises the blood pressure. Namely the technique of question avoidance….aaaaah 🤬

Any media training which suggests never, never answer the damn question – is wrong ❌

In the ABC of media training the A stands for addressing the question – not avoiding it ✅

Certainly, you do need to weave in your core messages but not addressing the question makes you look defensive and that style does not generate the essential ingredient of Trust. 

Surely whoever is advising these spokespersons know this❓

The point is, don’t be afraid to address the negative, which is likely to be in the presenter question. Of course, follow it up with the positive and that is generally reassurance to your public audience about what are you going to do about the problem.

Like any skill, a media interview needs practise to develop technique. You also need to do your homework, so that you know your topic inside out.  

In my #mediatraining we focus on anticipating, planning and preparing for the tough questions. It’s normally obvious what you will/might be asked. If you practice, you can then answer the question, not avoid it, and still get your message across.

With thanks to Lisa Roxby PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide for use of the pic – an excellent spokesperson but mostly the other side of the camera, making a difference with an outstanding charity.

interview Image