Different times – Different profiles – Different approaches

by | May 18, 2020

Sometimes it’s good to talk about something that is not specific work related, these strange times provide the opportunity to do that.

Looking at social media I am getting a real different impression of people – and I mean that in a positive sense. People seems to be talking more about themselves, not in a work context and it certainly highlights the melting pot of backgrounds and interests.

I have enjoyed finding out a bit more of what the ‘real’ people are like. It has added colour, interest and understanding of what can build a strong connection. It’s all about authenticity isn’t it?

So, something a little different about me – music!

I optimistically call myself a musician. Not a great and huge talent but enough to be loud and heard on guitar, vocals and harmonica. And during lockdown, on facebook and twitter, I’ve been posting daily short videos, of me murdering various covers; and having to apologise for ruining someone’s favourite song.

Music has been a game changer for me over the years. As well as being fun, a relaxation time, it has also broken-down barriers, opened doors and helped me network and engage with people.


Breaking Down Barriers

Music has been good throughout my career, in the NHS as a manager and as a Royal Air Force Officer. People have seen me in a different light – not always as the perceived faceless bureaucrat or stuck up ‘Rodney’, as Officers are often called.


Opening doors

It has opened doors for conversations and opportunities that might never have happened; flying in a fast jet Tornado in the Falkand Islands as a thank you for charity gigs, as just one lucky moment. I have used music in Kenya to break the ice when visiting and meeting some of the youngsters that are supported by a charity where I’m a trustee. I have also genuinely developed unusual business
opportunities through running charity gigs; strange where opportunities occur.

2 photos to insert – in fast jet ger and playing to African youngsters.



Music is a conversation starter. I mention it at any network elevation pitch and that’s the bit that causes most smiles and connection.

It’s good to show something about yourself. We are in different times and unlikely to head back to life as before, so this is a chance to expand and create a different profile. Something about the inner you. A different but authentic approach to connecting.