I have recently been working with a relatively small team that work in a large and complex organisation, reflecting on what is their big picture. How are they going to transform? What is their contribution to the wider organisation objectives? How are they going to prioritise their work? What are they insured and energised by to make it all happen?

At the start a few of the team commented, ‘we never find time to reflect….it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the doing and then it becomes a constant grind’. Of course keeping your head down and cracking on has its place but it’s equally critical to look up: to reflect on how things are going, to consider alternative strategies and ways of working. Are we on the right path? What is the big picture?

What do I mean by big picture? It most definitely is not PR marketing spin. It is about effective leadership to get the best out of your organisation and indeed small team. It is about considering the mission, vision and values, that is the core principles by which you work. It is about considering your core audiences/markets and how you influence them. It is about thinking do we need to change and if so how? It is about understanding if all are inspired by the vision and understands their role in it?

There is a plethora of research to suggest that setting an inspiring vision, mission along with core values that staff buy into, makes a tangible positive difference to work output. Put together with a clear understanding of your audiences, it will ensure a focus on key priorities.

Of course it is not about the leadership dictating a way ahead. True team buy-in is vital and so staff involvement in crafting or reviewing the big picture is a must.

I have 3 top tips for you on this journey of big picture reflection:



An experienced facilitator is vital – this should not to be a CEO or Director. I have seen teams shackled when an internal Director leads the discussion. An experienced facilitator, either in house or external, can get the best out of your session. They should have a knack of getting all involved and not just the loudest.



I really like this quote by Christoper Reeve, ‘So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seems improbable and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable’. So in considering the big picture don’t be afraid to dream big….release the shackles don’t put any stopper on big thoughts. Dreaming big is inspiring.


Use Your Wordsmith Experts

Use your comms specialists to help craft the right phrasing – they are experts at understanding specific audiences and capturing the emotional connection in words and phrases – giving meaning to the big picture. So make sure they are integral to your facilitation sessions. That’s not necessary at Director level – creativity might come from someone who is younger and well versed in emotional connection with a different audience.



The big picture is important – an inspired vision, clear mission and values that resonate, should tell your staff and your key stakeholders/customers, what you are all about, deep down, at a very human and emotional level. Get your staff involved. It will be worth it.

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